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  • It is the policy of the Brockton Area Arc, Inc. to protect and promote the human and legal rights of the individuals we serve and for whom we advocate as outlined in DDS Policy 115 CMR 3.00.

  • The basic mission of the Human Rights Committee shall be to review, monitor, and investigate the activities of the program with regard to the human and civil rights of persons served by the program. The committee also offers support and guidance in their areas of expertise as it relates to the Human Rights of the people we support.

  • Each Human Rights Committee shall be composed of a minimum of five members, at least three of whom shall be consumers, parents of consumers, or advocates, and not more than one of who shall have any direct or indirect financial or administrative interest in the program or in the Department of Developmental Services.

The Human Rights committee consists of BAArc staff, BAArc individual program attendees (advocates), and family members (parents/siblings).

The committee members shall have experience and knowledge relevant to the duties of the committee. The committee shall include a physician or nurse, allied health professional or clinical specialist, and an attorney, paralegal, or law student.

  • The Human Rights Committee ensures that all program participants are educated about their rights at their annual review. Each individual receives BAArc's Human Rights booklet. The Case Manager reviews the Human Rights booklet with each individual.

  • The committee meets on the first Wednesday of alternate months.

If you have any concerns about the human rights of someone we support, you are encouraged to speak with the Human Rights Officer for that program or to the Human Rights Coordinator for the Agency.  Names and contact information are provided below.

Human Rights Coordinator for the Agency; Rob Biela at 508-583-8030 x213 or email
Human Rights Officer, Employment Services; Jean Snow at 508-583-8030 or email
Human Rights Officer, Day Habilitation; Open


The Disabled Persons Protection Commission was created to protect adults with disabilities from the abusive acts or omissions of their caregivers through investigation oversight, public awareness and prevention. If you have any concerns about abuse or neglect, please contact the Disabled Persons Protection Commission at 1-800-423-9009. You can learn more about DPPC at

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