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Working age adults served by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services, will seek integrated, individual employment as the preferred service option and optimal outcome.

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** The information on this page pertains to our employment services for the individuals that we serve. If you are interested in a career with the Brockton Area Arc, please see our Employment Opportunities page. ** 

The Brockton Area Arc operates an Employment Services Program, offering both placement assistance in local businesses and job opportunities. We assist adults who are intellectually and developmentally disabled to prepare for, achieve and maintain gainful employment.

Employment Support

  • Job Development personnel will identify and address with each individual their work motivation, work habits, physical capacities, interpersonal skills, cooperative behavior, acceptance of instruction, and other work related skills.
  • The goal is to secure for the individual the most independent and integrated job they are capable of and for which they demonstrate interest and motivation. The Job Developer seeks a job that matches the preferences and abilities of the individual. When the proper match is found, the necessary support and training to maintain them in the position is coordinated and provided.
  • Periodic reviews of an individual's progress are made to ensure that the individual is successful at their job.